Wednesday Nights at Trinity!

Wednesday night activities are off to the races! Join us on Wednesday Night for family fun, food, and faith! Wednesday nights are for everyone. If you can’t join us for worship on Sunday, you can now join us on Wednesday Night!

Wednesday Night Schedule!

• 5:30-6:25pm Meal & Pizza in Christian Life Center
• 5:50-6:30pm Joyful Noise (1st-4th) Fellowship Hall
• 5:50-6:30pm Celebration Singers (5th-9th) Fellowship Hall/Choir Balcony
• 6:00-6:30pm Minims (Pre-K) Christian Life Center Classrooms
• 6:30-7:15pm Worship in CLC led by our Ensemble
• 6:30-7:15pm Wednesday School (Pre K- 6th) Wednesday School begins in the Christian Life Center for 10 minutes of worship service, then students will head to their classrooms.
• 7:15pm-8:15pm Confirmation (7th-9th) in the Christian Life Center
• 8:15pm-9:15pm Friends in Faith (9th-12th) in the Youth Suite

Wednesday Night Meals!

New Wednesday Meals This Year
Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with our exciting new additions to Wednesday night dining! This year we are thrilled to welcome Chef Paul to our team, offering freshly crafted meals that you will not want to miss. Additionally, we are adding a vegetarian substitution to the weekly entrée (see menus below) and as always, there will be a pizza option available.
Cost for the meal will be $8 for 11 years and older. $5 for 10 and under.
Pizza will be $2 per slice.
Dinner is served in the CLC from 5:30pm until 6:25pm.
Please come and enjoy a delicious meal before worship this fall on Wednesdays!

Wednesday School Information

Wednesday School is for children between Preschool and 6th Grade! During Worship, children will be dismissed to their classrooms in the preschool wing with their teachers. Wednesday school children can be picked up in their room after Worship/Wednesday School concludes around 7:15 pm.

**We are still looking for Wednesday School Teachers for all grade levels Pre K-6th Grade! Teachers can be in 7th grade and older. If you do not wish to teach, can you volunteer to be a “presence” (“muscle”) in a classroom? Some of our class sizes are big and need extra helpers. If you are available to teach or help out a class from 6:30- 7:15pm, please let Ashley know at

Wednesday School Registration
We ask that you please register your preschool-6th grade youth for Wednesday School! Please go to to sign up. The registration cost is $10/youth or a maximum of $20/family. Registration costs can be made through the donation page or can be brought to church. We hope your youth will join us!

Confirmation Information

Confirmation is held most Wednesday nights after worship, from 7:15-8:15pm in the Christian Life Center. 

Confirmation Signups
All signups can be found on the Trinity website under the ‘Signup’ tab.
**7th Grade Reminder: We ask each 7th grade youth to acolyte in the Sanctuary 3 times throughout the school year. 
**8th Grade Reminder: We ask each 8th grade youth to host in the CLC 4 times throughout the school year. 
**All 7-9th Grade Families Reminder: We ask that each 7-9th grade family sign up to help serve the Wednesday night family meal once during the school year.