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Speck of Time

While attending Concordia, Clark Tufte and his late wife Harriet both attended Trinity Lutheran, and then moved away. In the late 1970’s they moved back and decided simply to pick the church closest so they could walk.
More than 20 years ago, after worshipping and growing in faith at Trinity for nearly 30 years, Clark felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit. “I looked around and thought of all the money we spent on ourselves during the holidays,” he said. “What if we just take Christmas and spend it on others?”
After talking with Pastor John Hulden about his nudge, Trinity supported the idea of a new group called the Cost and Joy of Discipleship. “I wanted to know if there was something we could do besides just buying toys,” Clark said. “We worked with Clay County Health Services to buy cribs for mothers. We worked with a group that was placing homeless people in an apartment. We purchased the crib, delivered it, and put it together. We also started purchasing luggage for foster children.”
While the needs of the community change and evolve and the responses to those needs adapt, the group is still going strong today serving God’s people in Moorhead. Trinity saying, “yes,” to starting the group provided countless stories for Clark and others – stories of how the Holy Spirit shows up as we get to know our neighbors outside of our regular circles. Stories about how God speaks to us in worship and outside of worship. Stories about how we are always growing in faith and relationship to others.
“Cribs were $70. We would deliver the crib and see a great big TV on the wall,” said Clark. “You can’t help but see that, but then God didn’t ask us to go and decide if they deserve it or not. These people owed nothing to us. God called us to show love and kindness to them. They passed through our lives, and God said here is a speck of time when they need love.”
Responding to a nudge from the Holy Spirit to share love is at the heart of our Light Groups, worship, fellowship, and community. Thank you to all those who serve God faithfully as the Spirit calls us and thank you for being open to the ways God uses those moments to grow your faith and build community.

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Light Groups are gatherings of people connected to Trinity whose calls to “Be A Light” intersect.  Because of a shared interest, passion, or cause, these groups are formed to help build connections between our faith and our life as we grow in relationship with one another

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