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After nearly 40 years as a television news reporter, Kevin Wallevand knows a thing or two about stress, deadlines, and pressure. “Every day is chaos, right? Because I don’t know what I’m gonna be doing,” he says of his typical work day. One day, he might be putting the finishing touches on a nice feature story he wrote about a 100-year-old war veteran when he has to drop everything to cover a fire that broke out downtown. There isn’t a lot of certainty in Kevin’s day, except for the church he’s called home for 42 years.
“Trinity has been a constant for me. I mean everyone’s life is chaotic, right? People have jobs, and they have kids, and it’s just craziness. But, you know, you come here to just kind of recharge, reset, you know, feel renewed.” That renewal especially comes for Kevin when he walks through the doors of Trinity to play timpani or sing in the choir. “I really look forward to Wednesday nights, coming to choir practice getting here early, and just, chilling out for 10 minutes in the balcony. It’s 10 minutes of my day where no one is bothering me. And it’s quiet. And it’s just grounding,” he says.
Best of all, in recent years, he hasn’t even had to go into Trinity to find that musical respite. He gets it on his computer. “There will be moments in the afternoon in the newsroom, where it’s complete chaos, everything is falling apart. I’ll go online and listen to the previous week’s sermon, just to see what our choir song sounded like, or listen to the closing hymn. It just calms me in the middle of the workday.” And sometimes the rest of the news team gets the pleasure of hearing it too since Kevin doesn’t always use his headphones. “I have it cranked up, so people will say ‘what are you listening to?’” He says with a laugh. “It could be a great anthem or a hymn, or Andrew going nuts on an organ piece. I just find peace in that, and then I get back to work.”
As big a constant as Trinity has become for Kevin it was “night and day” from the small Lutheran church where he grew up in Otter Tail County, Minnesota. “I grew up in a country church with probably 30 people coming every Sunday, many of them my relatives. So it was a big adjustment coming here, but I really liked it. I thought the worship and preaching were great and the music was off the charts!”
Now, all these decades later, from his early days as a rookie reporter to being an Emmy award-winning veteran journalist, Trinity has been with Kevin every step of the way. And while it’s Trinity’s music that gives Kevin that sense of peace and renewal in his chaotic days, he knows for others here it comes in other ways.
“I think despite the size of Trinity, it’s still small, meaning there are a lot of things that you can find that fit your needs. Not just music, but something like the Cost and Joy of Discipleship or other Light Groups. You can find the niche that fills you up. You can just kind of find your way here.”

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