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Trinity Youth... A Lasting Legacy

With Chad Hanson

When Chad Hanson and his wife Sara were invited to Trinity, they attended worship in the Christian Life Center. The whole family enjoyed the contemporary music and Chad especially enjoyed sitting at a table with his coffee while worshiping.

Having children made regular worship a high priority for Chad. He began teaching Sunday School and was invited to serve on the Youth Ministry Team. During his time as a youth leader, Chad formed new relationships, in turn strengthening his faith. Chad says, “I wasn’t looking to fill anything when I joined the Youth Ministry Team, but things grew. I value my faith more because of the experiences I’ve had here at Trinity.” Many people from his time in youth ministry remain his closest friends today. His very own Trinity Family!

The youth program had a large impact on the whole family. Everyone was included and acting together as one on Wednesday night. He adds, “The youth program has made a lasting legacy on our faith beyond what happened with our kids and it has continued since our kids aged out of the youth group.”

Chad joined Trinity because of the novel worship that was engaging for their kids, but it is the relationships remain most important. “If the church is going to have a future, we have to add value and enhance people’s lives in some way. How we do that is through relationships.”


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Light Groups

Light Groups are gatherings of people connected to Trinity whose calls to “Be A Light” intersect.  Because of a shared interest, passion, or cause, these groups are formed to help build connections between our faith and our life as we grow in relationship with one another

Light Groups
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    Communion Team
    We are recruiting for a new communion team. This group will set up and clean up communion elements for worship services. We are hoping for at least 10 members, so the rotation would be every couple months.

    Communion Servers
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